Typical Forms
For a Form DD882, the status of proprietary information is requested. Verify that no Internal Research and Development or other client-owned information is outstanding.

For a Form DD254, the status of classified information/property is requested. The security officer or contract administrator provides a detailed list of classified items. For each remaining item, note preferred disposition: transfer to another specific contract, return to the Government, or destroy. Request sign-off from the Procurement Contracting Officer on the final Form DD254.

For Government Furnished Property and/or (Higher-tier) Contractor Furnished Property, verify that no such property remains. For material not completely consumed and for equipment, request disposition from the owner.

Contract Closeouts Process

Verify final payment & retain closed files.

Cost Reimbursement Award
For a Cost-type Contract, learn whether DCAA issued a report on incurred costs for the entire period of performance. In the case of forward pricing rates that are not yet audited, forward the Administrative Contracting Officer (ACO) a request for timely audit. Record paybacks for questioned costs.

Customer Invoices
Research and Recalculate public vouchers and (DD Forms 250) billings. Any outstanding cost support (timesheets, stores requisitions, etc.) are required. Recalculate indirect costs on applicable jobs. Verify sales and cost of sales, as well as accounts receivable invoices and receipts.

Checklist by Function
Property, purchasing, accounting, contract administration, quality assurance, and program management are contacted before final closeout. Request ACO concurrence, in writing, that the contract is closed. Archive all contract files in compliance with retainage requirements.

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