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Mahnke Consulting's FAR DCAA compliance services

We offer guidance on most administrative Services related to awards of U.S. government funds. We apply the skillsets found at big CPA firms and big consulting firms - scaled down to accommodate the budgets of small-to-medium size contractors. Our effective results encompass procurement, contract administration, job cost accounting, and preparation for customer audits. Results achieve FAR DCAA compliance and better-informed clients. We draft client-specific policies and procedures, present tailored training, and conduct mock reviews to eliminate unhappy surprises. We also draft cost proposals, especially for emerging companies with little cost history.

Because our clients are located anywhere in the U.S., work is typically accomplished on a telecommuting (i.e., remote) basis. This keeps consulting costs low. We offer accounts for a secure (i.e., encrypted) transfer of company-sensitive files. Staff training and meetings, including those while viewing open files, benefit from our available video conferencing.

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Our FAR DCAA compliance services include:

  • Proposals Management and Pricing
  • Job Cost Accounting, Cost Controls, and Project Cost Analysis;
  • Contract Closeouts
  • Truth in Negotiations Act (TINA) Findings - Post Award (Defective Pricing) Review (Mock Audits)
  • Material Management and Accounting System (MMAS) Preparation (Mock Audits)
  • Training of Management and Staff
  • Other Services improving support for FAR DCAA compliance