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​To guide clients and potential clients on some concepts, unique to awards funded by the U.S. Government, several free articles and white papers are presented. Explanations use simple English and are easily understood. These are not meant to recommend specific actions for every situation. Their overview approach aids understanding, in general.

For definitions of words and phrases, which are common in our market, please see the Federal Acquisition Regulations 2.101.

For additional guidance and suggestions for a particular situation, please Contact Us. We look forward to learning about your consulting project.

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Articles for the non-accountant on topics for our industry:
  • Accounting System – U.S. Government prime and subcontracts often must have a compliant accounting system
  • Estimating System – Proposals incorporate indirect rates, such as G&A and Overhead, plus calculated direct costs, projected for the period of performance
  • Difference Between Overhead and G&A – The difference between Overhead and G&A depends on how your company, consistently, records a type of expense
  • Preparation for an SF 1408 – By understanding the objectives of each component of an SF 1408 audit, a future proposer can better prepare
  • Overhead and G&A – Indirect rates and how they are calculated
  • Internal Audits – Value as scorecards and benefits for operational improvements
  • Legacy of a Timecard – Importance of timecards, especially for administration/management, and why accuracy is important
  • Budgeting in a Job Cost Environment – Budgeting and quick access to time-phased profit/loss on each award
  • Reporting Executive Compensation – Disclosure requirements for reporting executive compensation
  • Profit and Loss 101 – Income Statements and what the numbers mean
  • Incurred Cost Submission – An overview describing what the submission contains and when it is required.
  • Contractor Purchasing System Review – A brief description of a Government review of the operations and practices in the Purchasing function
  • A DCAA Audit covers any of many specific objectives, each including the gathering of evidence of compliance with the Federal Acquisition Regulations
  • Contractor Purchasing System Review (CPSR) – Why a small business should care whether their purchasing practices, inter-departmental operations, and whole procurement function are in compliance with the FAR and applicable supplements (like DFARS).
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