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Woman at laptop reviewing unallowables in a Government contract

What Do You Know About Unallowables?

1. The following costs are allowable: Entertainment Alcohol Attorney fees to unsuccessfully defend a fraud case brought by the Government Corporate, state income taxes 2. ...
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Business meeting about Cost Plus Contracts

What Do You Know about Cost Type Contracts?

What Do You Know about (the contract-type) Cost Plus? With a Cost Plus award, the contractor or grantee bills the Government each month for actual ...
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What Do You Know …about GovCon Travel?

What Do You Know… about GovCon Travel?

GovCon cost reports break out allowable Travel from unallowable Travel. We use per diem rates, transportation that we can prove costs reasonable amounts, and other ...
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Indirect Rates

What Do You Know… about Indirect Rates?

GovCon Job Cost Accounting requires segregation of direct costs (for one particular Job – which can be a project or a contract) from indirect expenses ...
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Accounting Systems

What Do You Know… About Accounting Systems?

Put on your “administrative operations” thinking cap. Test your reasoning and logic skills from a federal government reviewer’s viewpoint. Ponder these! 1. The billing for ...
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People on Mobile Devices

What Do You Know about GovCon?

Companies with contracts and subcontracts funded by the federal government survive more administrative hoops than suppliers in a competitive-only market. To meet Terms and Conditions ...
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