Mahnke Consulting provides services to federal government contractors – including preparation for DCAA audits, cost proposal submissions, incurred cost submissions, and much more.

You've come to the right place

DCAA audit consulting firms often have the one-sided perspective of government ex-employees or Fortune 500 contractor employees – plus limited credentials. Our Principal understands the goals and limitations of both sellers and buyers.

DCAA audit consultants often have experience in one component of the operational process. The hands-on experience of our Principal spans bookkeeping to accounting management; buying routine commercial items to (impressively) negotiating multi-million-dollar subcontracts; and closing the lapse in supplier late-deliveries to formal audits of operations. Her achievements run deep and wide. She understands how each cog affects the other portions of the administrative wheel. Our Principal understands the diverse demands of small business.

Her whole-picture perspective better prepares our clients.

Mahnke Consulting, a DCAA Audit Consultant
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