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DCAA Audit Consultants for
Federal Government Contractors

Mahnke Consulting provides consultant services to federal government contractors – including preparation for DCAA audits, improvement of accounting systems, cost proposal submissions, and much more.

You've Come to the Right Place

DCAA audit consulting firms often have the one-sided perspective of government ex-employees or Fortune 500 contractor employees – plus limited credentials. Linda Mahnke, our Principal Consultant, understands the goals and limitations of both sellers and buyers.

DCAA audit consultants often have experience in one component of the operational process. The hands-on experience of our Principal spans GovCon bookkeeping to accounting management, prime contractor subcontract management to head accountant of small business contractors, and DCAA Auditor to audit preparation consultant.

Her achievements run deep and wide. She understands how each cog affects the other portions of the administrative wheel. Our Principal understands the diverse demands of small business GovCon.

Her whole-picture perspective better prepares our clients.

Some of Our Government Contract Consulting Services

Two DCAA Audit Consultants discussing GovCon DCAA Accounting for Small Business

GovCon DCAA Accounting System

We help you with setting up a DCAA compliant accounting system. The Chart of Accounts separates prohibited expenses, plus program costs versus company expenses. GAAP is verified. Policies, procedures, and forms simplify operational compliance.

A group of people discussing indirect cost rates

Provisional and Actual Indirect Cost Rates

Mahnke Consulting helps with PBR, ICR, and NICRA rate proposals, especially the exclusion of unallowable costs. Guidance, or a “second pair of eyes,” benefits ICR, ICE, or other actual incurred cost rate submissions. Implementation of compliant policies and procedures improve reimbursement, and successful auditability, of costs.

A DCAA audit consultant showing a pie chart in a business meeting

FAR-compliant Cost Proposal Development and Support

We help GovCon clients plan and create Cost Proposals with adequate FAR-compliant documentation for pricing. Documentation supports changes, by account, from incurred to future costs. Format must exactly match instructions.

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Two business women smiling and reviewing DCAA audit information in a folder

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A group of casual business people around a desktop computer

Small Business Indirect Rates

For small business service providers, two indirect rates (Overhead and G&A) are usually sufficient. One pool and rate can include employee fringe benefits and employer-paid...

DCAA audit consultants looking at a tablet

Preaward Survey of the Accounting System

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