Proposal Pricing

Mahnke Consulting | Preparation for DCAA-approved Accounting System
Policy & procedure drafts, tailored to your programs -
plus staff training to make sense of them -
precede implementation of compliant audit trails.

Estimating System Projects

June & July, 2017 – Discuss Bid and Proposal (B&P) and how it folds into the General and Administrative (G&A) pool.

February through April, 2017 – Format proposed travel. Provide definitions and examples of contract "types." Review (whole) cost proposal. Guide future-labor proposed rate development and advise what supporting documentation is needed.

December, 2016 through March 2017 – Guide client in supporting Price Justifications for sole source purchases. Recommend specific requirements in related supplier solicitations.

August through November, 2016 – Review client cost proposal and provide feedback. Create an indirect rate template based on the client's Chart of Accounts; train client on use. Discuss owner-salary options.

March through June plus October, 2016 – Guide client on developing labor rates and related overhead; forward-pricing (projected for proposals) on-site and off-site indirect rates; and "wrap" (all-inclusive burdened labor) rates. Recommend specific Journal Entries to re-do an August proposal schedules.