Mahnke Consulting | Preparation for DCAA-approved Accounting System
Audits of operations for efficiency,
effectiveness, and compliance highlight
strengths and weaknesses in internal controls.

Other Projects

On-going - Consult with clients on an as-needed, telecommuting basis. Provide diverse answers, regulatory excerpts, and drafts - from designing an allowable-bonus policy to explaining risks of foreign purchases and drop-shipments. Support clients as a reference source on myriad topics.

July through September, 2015 - Guide client through subcontract administration requirements for Contracting Officer approval and simplified acquisition threshold, FAR 52.244-2 c 1 plus FAR 16.601 (c) and (d). Guide client through contract administration of scope changes intended for Modification 001. Draft (DCAA audit-related) request to ACO with copy to Contracting Officer of client's major, flexibly-priced contract. Discuss allowability of costs for a tradeshow demonstration specifically required by a Statement of Work (SOW).

January through February, 2014 - Review and comment on terms and conditions of a potential client-award. Copy FAR excerpts and highlight/note important information. Provide a full set of SAM screen-shots and discuss several SAM questions. Provide decision flow-charts, and explain with text, when client executive compensation becomes public. Describe DPAS ratings plus employee and facility issues for classified material.

December, 2013 - Read and suggest revised wording to a prime contract's attachment of terms and conditions. Add explanatory comments, so that client could understand repercussions of high-impact clauses. Point out standard federally-funded contract clauses. Recommend segregating Key Personnel, to eliminate customer approval for every replacement. Define and differentiate when scope triggers a modification (or change order) versus an equitable adjustment. Provide feedback to on subsequent versions of contract language.

January through July, 2013 - Advise on ICE submission. Guide client through (IR&D versus Job overrun) self-funded G&A. Explain issues with an OMB Circular A-122 subcontract. Draft response on DCAA findings. Recommend improvements to indirect rates structure. Explain use of DCA Approved rates in a CPFF proposal and alternative proposal cost reductions. Recommend flow-downs and Source Justification for an SBIR sole source supplier.

Various Clients

Self-directed evaluations of potential compliance issues, based on observations and careful review of supporting documentation (audit trails). Conducted compliance assessments as a pre-requisite to, and as a basis for, planning other tasks. Recommended changes in procedures and/or actual practices to mitigate or eliminate likely customer/DCAA exceptions.