Preparation for Contractor Procurement System Reviews

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A mock CPSR, followed by one-on-one and
seminar training reduces actual CPSR surprises

Purchasing System Projects

February, 2016 - In preparation for a client's first CPSR, explain in more detail and with examples, what DCMA expects in the population list; request an adequate list, from which a small sample of Orders can be pre-reviewed. At client's request, draft responses to item in all six DCMA Questionnaires. Build and send a revised plan of steps, showing the last date for receipt from/to client that allows four months of (post-implementation of new policies and procedures) audit trails. The four-month window considers the newly pushed-back period under review, established by DCMA.

January, 2016 - Review and provide feedback on current policies and procedures covering the period of performance for an up-coming Contractor Purchasing System Review (CPSR). Based DCMA letter requesting "desk-review" background documents, at client's request, prioritize top three priorities. Analyze current purchasing documentation and subcontract Terms and Conditions. Participate in an online conference with the two client representatives managing the CPSR-preparation project; discuss potential Government postponement (due to new policies and procedures in process), population for preparatory mini-review, and approval signatures showing segregation of duties. Tailor most missing policies, procedures, and related forms from boilerplates. Provide a list of topics for which a policy and procedures is strongly recommended, and request direction to draft these.

November, 2012 through July, 2013 - Recommend flow-downs and Source Justification for the sole source supplier on a client SBIR award.

October, 2012 through March, 2013 - Set up a purchasing process to support proposed/issued subcontracts, as well as reasonableness of accounts payable. Verify each purchase is compliant with FAR, DFARS, and reasonable (for size of company) internal controls. Negotiate two CPFF and one T&M subcontract, with sufficient supporting documentation to satisfy the Contracting Officer. Act as the Subcontract Administrator. Oversee all purchasing.